Articles, Reading & Other Information on IDEA

Articles, Reading and Other Information on IDEA

Article in Nature: How to Train Early-Career Scientists to Weather Failure

Article in Nature: Don't get mad, get equal: putting an end to misogyny in science

Article in Nature: A mental-health crisis is gripping science--toxic research culture is to blame

Article in Nature: Uneasy Tensions in Energy Justice and Systems Transformation

In the Washington Post: City planners targeted a Black community for heavy pollution. Can the damage be undone?

In the New York Times: Why Some Companies Are Saying ‘Diversity and Belonging’ Instead of ‘Diversity and Inclusion

Paper: Prejudice Reduction: Progress and Challenges

Article in the Washington Post: Does Diversity Training Work?

Article in the New Yorker on targeting Chinese professors as spies

Imposter Syndrome? Article in the *Economist unpacks this all too common feeling
*This article can be read without a subscription however the magazine asks the reader to register for a free account)

Recorded Podcast: A discussion between Preet Bharara and Lee Bollinger (President of Columbia U) on the legal ins and outs of affirmative action

Scientist from historically excluded groups face a hostile obstacle course, Nature article

Report from the Lean In website on Women in the Workplace (Download)

Report from the Office of Science on DEI policies

National Science and Engineering (NAS) report on generational diversity
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Boerner, Leigh Krietsch. Chemical and Engineering News. "Podcast: Chemists debate the value of name reactions in organic chemistry"

Ehrler, Bruno, Eline M. Hutter, and Joseph J. Berry. 2021. The Complicated Morality of Named Inventions. ACS Energy Letters 6, 565-567.

Greater Good Science Center. Resources to Support Anti-Rascist Learning

O'Neil, Cathy. Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy. 

Report: Asian Americans More Stressed by Anti-Asian Hate Than COVID-19

The long, ugly history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S.

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