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Cheng, Lei, Joong Sun Park, Huaming Hou, Vassilia Zorba, Guoying Chen, Thomas J Richardson, Jordi Cabana, Richard E Russo, and Marca M Doeff. "Effect of microstructure and surface impurity segregation on the electrical and electrochemical properties of dense Al-substituted Li7La3Zr2O12." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2.1 (2014) 172-181.
Oh, Yuhong, Seunghoon Nam, Sungun Wi, Joonhyeon Kang, Taehyun Hwang, Sangheon Lee, Helen H Park, Jordi Cabana, Chunjoong Kim, and Byungwoo Park. "Effective wrapping of graphene on individual Li4Ti5O12 grains for high-rate Li-ion batteries." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (2014) 2023-2027.
Shukla, Alpesh K, Peter Ercius, Abhay RS Gautam, Jordi Cabana, and Ulrich Dahmen. "Electron Tomography Analysis of Reaction Path during Formation of Nanoporous NiO by Solid State Decomposition." Crystal Growth & Design 14.5 (2014) 2453-2459.
Pascal, Tod A, Ulrike Boesenberg, Robert Kostecki, Thomas J Richardson, Tsu-Chien Weng, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Dennis Nordlund, Eamon McDermott, Alexander Moewes, Jordi Cabana, and David G Prendergast. "Finite temperature effects on the X-ray absorption spectra of lithium compounds: First-principles interpretation of X-ray Raman measurements." The Journal of Chemical Physics 140.3 (2014).
Shirpour, Mona, Jordi Cabana, and Marca M Doeff. "Lepidocrocite-type Layered Titanate Structures: New Lithium and Sodium Ion Intercalation Anode Materials." Chemistry of Materials 26.8 (2014) 2502-2512.
Iturrondobeitia, Amaia, Aintzane Goñi, Luis Lezama, Chunjoong Kim, Marca M Doeff, Jordi Cabana, and Teófilo Rojo. "Modification of the electrochemical activity of LiMn1.95Si0.05O4 spinel via addition of phases with different physico-chemical properties." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2.9 (2014) 3216-3222.
Cheng, Lei, Ethan J Crumlin, Chen Wei, Ruimin Qiao, Hou Huaming, Simon F Lux, Vassilia Zorba, Richard E Russo, Robert Kostecki, Zhi Liu, Kristin A Persson, Wanli Yang, Jordi Cabana, Thomas J Richardson, Guoying Chen, and Marca M Doeff. "The origin of high electrolyte–electrode interfacial resistances in lithium cells containing garnet type solid electrolytes." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16.34 (2014) 18294-18300.
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Kim, Chunjoong, Raffaella Buonsanti, Riley Yaylian, Delia J Milliron, and Jordi Cabana. "Carbon-Free TiO2 Battery Electrodes Enabled by Morphological Control at the Nanoscale." Advanced Energy Materials 3 (2013) 1286-1291.
Doeff, Marca M, Guoying Chen, Jordi Cabana, Thomas J Richardson, Apurva Mehta, Mona Shirpour, Hugues Duncan, Chunjoong Kim, Kinson C Kam, and Thomas E Conry. "Characterization of Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion and Sodium Ion Batteries using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques." Journal of Visualized Experiments 81 (2013).
Cook, John B, Chunjoong Kim, Linping Xu, and Jordi Cabana. "The effect of Al substitution on the chemical and electrochemical phase stability of orthorhombic LiMnO2." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (2013) A46-A52.
Zhang, Liying, Lei Cheng, Jordi Cabana, Guoying Chen, Marca M Doeff, and Thomas J Richardson. "Effect of lithium borate addition on the physical and electrochemical properties of the lithium ion conductor Li3.4Si0.4P0.6O4." Solid State Ionics 231 (2013) 109-115.
Iturrondobeitia, Amaia, Aintzane Goñi, Luis Lezama, Chunjoong Kim, Marca M Doeff, Jordi Cabana, and Teófilo Rojo. "Effect of Si (iv) substitution on electrochemical, magnetic and spectroscopic performance of nanosized LiMn2-xSixO4." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1.36 (2013) 10857-10862.
Teh, Pei Fen, Stevin S Pramana, Chunjoong Kim, Chieh-Ming Chen, Cheng-Hao Chuang, Yogesh Sharma, Jordi Cabana, and Srinivasan Madhavi. "Electrochemical Reactivity with Lithium of Spinel-type ZnFe2–yCryO4 (0≤ y≤ 2)." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117.46 (2013) 24213-24223.
Kim, Chunjoong, Nick S Norberg, Caleb T Alexander, Robert Kostecki, and Jordi Cabana. "Mechanism of Phase Propagation During Lithiation in Carbon-Free Li4Ti5O12 Battery Electrodes." Advanced Functional Materials 23.9 (2013) 1214-1222.
Boesenberg, Ulrike, Florian Meirer, Yijin Liu, Alpesh K Shukla, Rossana Dell’Anna, Tolek Tyliszczak, Guoying Chen, Joy C Andrews, Thomas J Richardson, Robert Kostecki, and Jordi Cabana. "Mesoscale phase distribution in single particles of LiFePO4 following lithium deintercalation." Chemistry of Materials 25.9 (2013) 1664-1672.
Xu, Linping, Chunjoong Kim, Alpesh K Shukla, Angang Dong, Tracy M Mattox, Delia J Milliron, and Jordi Cabana. "Monodisperse Sn nanocrystals as a platform for the study of mechanical damage during electrochemical reactions with Li." Nano letters 13.4 (2013) 1800-1805.
Gurevitch, Inna, Raffaella Buonsanti, Alexander A Teran, Bernd Gludovatz, Robert O Ritchie, Jordi Cabana, and Nitash P Balsara. "Nanocomposites of Titanium Dioxide and Polystyrene-Poly (ethylene oxide) Block Copolymer as Solid-State Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (2013) A1611-A1617.