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Petousis, Ioannis, Wei Chen, Geoffroy Hautier, Tanja Graf, Thomas D Schladt, Kristin A Persson, and Fritz B Prinz. "Benchmarking density functional perturbation theory to enable high-throughput screening of materials for dielectric constant and refractive index." Physical Review B 93.11 (2016).
Jain, Anubhav, Geoffroy Hautier, Shyue Ping Ong, and Kristin A Persson. "New opportunities for materials informatics: Resources and data mining techniques for uncovering hidden relationshipsAbstract." Journal of Materials Research 31.8 (2016) 977 - 994.
Sun, Wenhao, Stephen T Dacek, Shyue Ping Ong, Geoffroy Hautier, Anubhav Jain, William D Richards, Anthony C Gamst, Kristin A Persson, and Gerbrand Ceder. "The thermodynamic scale of inorganic crystalline metastability." Science Advances 2.11 (2016) e1600225.
Chen, Wei, Jan-Hendrik Pöhls, Geoffroy Hautier, Danny Broberg, Saurabh Bajaj, Umut Aydemir, Zachary M Gibbs, Hong Zhu, Mark Asta, G. Jeffrey Snyder, Bryce Meredig, Mary Anne White, Kristin A Persson, and Anubhav Jain. "Understanding thermoelectric properties from high-throughput calculations: trends, insights, and comparisons with experiment." Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4.20 (2016) 4414 - 4426.
Aydemir, Umut, Jan-Hendrik Pöhls, Hong Zhu, Geoffroy Hautier, Saurabh Bajaj, Zachary M Gibbs, Wei Chen, Guodong Li, Saneyuki Ohno, Danny Broberg, Stephen Dongmin Kang, Mark Asta, Gerbrand Ceder, Mary Anne White, Kristin A Persson, Anubhav Jain, and G. Jeffrey Snyder. "YCuTe 2 : a member of a new class of thermoelectric materials with CuTe 4 -based layered structure." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4.7 (2016) 2461 - 2472.