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Shin, Yongwoo, Wang Hay Kan, Muratahan Aykol, Joseph K Papp, Bryan D McCloskey, Guoying Chen, and Kristin A Persson. "Alleviating oxygen evolution from Li-excess oxide materials through theory-guided surface protection." Nature Communications 9.1 (2018).
Crafton, Matthew J, Yuan Yue, Tzu‐Yang Huang, Wei Tong, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Anion Reactivity in Cation‐Disordered Rocksalt Cathode Materials: The Influence of Fluorine Substitution." Advanced Energy Materials 10.35 (2020) 2001500.
Kim, Hyo Won, Hun Park, Ji Soo Roh, Jae Eun Shin, Tae Hoon Lee, Liang Zhang, Young Hoon Cho, Hee Wook Yoon, Vanessa J Bukas, Jinghua Guo, Ho Bum Park, Tae Hee Han, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Carbon Defect Characterization of Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrocatalysts for the Two-Electron Oxygen Reduction Reaction." Chemistry of Materials 31.11 (2019) 3967 - 3973.
Li, Haifeng, Srinivasan Ramakrishnan, John W Freeland, Bryan D McCloskey, and Jordi Cabana. "Definition of Redox Centers in Reactions of Lithium Intercalation in Li3RuO4 Polymorphs." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142.18 (2020) 8160 - 8173.
Kitchaev, Daniil A, Zhengyan Lun, William D Richards, Huiwen Ji, Raphaële J Clément, Mahalingam Balasubramanian, Deok-Hwang Kwon, Kehua Dai, Joseph K Papp, Teng Lei, Bryan D McCloskey, Wanli Yang, Jinhyuk Lee, and Gerbrand Ceder. "Design principles for high transition metal capacity in disordered rocksalt Li-ion cathodes." Energy & Environmental Science 11.8 (2018) 2159 - 2171.
Lun, Zhengyan, Bin Ouyang, Zijian Cai, Raphaële J Clément, Deok-Hwang Kwon, Jianping Huang, Joseph K Papp, Mahalingam Balasubramanian, Yaosen Tian, Bryan D McCloskey, Huiwen Ji, Haegyeom Kim, Daniil A Kitchaev, and Gerbrand Ceder. "Design Principles for High-Capacity Mn-Based Cation-Disordered Rocksalt Cathodes." Chem 6.1 (2020) 153 - 168.
Konz, Zachary M, Eric J McShane, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Detecting the Onset of Lithium Plating and Monitoring Fast Charging Performance with Voltage Relaxation." ACS Energy Letters 5.6 (2020) 1750 - 1757.
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Xu, Jing, Meiling Sun, Ruimin Qiao, Sara E Renfrew, Lu Ma, Tianpin Wu, Sooyeon Hwang, Dennis Nordlund, Dong Su, Khalil Amine, Jun Lu, Bryan D McCloskey, Wanli Yang, and Wei Tong. "Elucidating anionic oxygen activity in lithium-rich layered oxides." Nature Communications 9.1 (2018).
Hsu, Chih-Hao, Canghai Ma, Ngoc Bui, Zhuonan Song, Aaron D Wilson, Robert Kostecki, Kyle M Diederichsen, Bryan D McCloskey, and Jeffrey J Urban. "Enhanced Forward Osmosis Desalination with a Hybrid Ionic Liquid/Hydrogel Thermoresponsive Draw Agent System." ACS Omega 4.2 (2019) 4296 - 4303.
Ramakrishnan, Srinivasan, Byungchun Park, Jue Wu, Wanli Yang, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Extended Interfacial Stability through Simple Acid Rinsing in a Li-Rich Oxide Cathode Material." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142.18 (2020) 8522 - 8531.
Lebens-Higgins, Zachary W, Hyeseung Chung, Mateusz J Zuba, Jatinkumar Rana, Yixuan Li, Nicholas V Faenza, Nathalie Pereira, Bryan D McCloskey, Fanny Rodolakis, Wanli Yang, M. Stanley Whittingham, Glenn G Amatucci, Ying Shirley Meng, Tien-Lin Lee, and Louis FJ Piper. "How Bulk Sensitive is Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Accounting for the Cathode–Electrolyte Interface when Addressing Oxygen Redox." The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11.6 (2020) 2106 - 2112.
Berlinger, Sarah A, Peter J Dudenas, Ashley Bird, Xunkai Chen, Guillaume Freychet, Bryan D McCloskey, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Adam Z Weber. "Impact of Dispersion Solvent on Ionomer Thin Films and Membranes." ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2.12 (2020) 5824 - 5834.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Erin B Creel, Robert Kostecki, Bryan D McCloskey, and Jeffrey J Urban. "Important Considerations in Plasmon-Enhanced Electrochemical Conversion at Voltage-Biased Electrodes." iScience 23.3 (2020) 100911.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Recep Kas, Robert Kostecki, Jeffrey J Urban, Wilson A Smith, Bryan D McCloskey, and Ruud Kortlever. "In Situ ATR–SEIRAS of Carbon Dioxide Reduction at a Plasmonic Silver Cathode." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142.27 (2020) 11750 - 11762.
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Diederichsen, Kyle M, Kara D Fong, Rickey C Terrell, Kristin A Persson, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Investigation of Solvent Type and Salt Addition in High Transference Number Nonaqueous Polyelectrolyte Solutions for Lithium Ion Batteries." Macromolecules 51.21 (2018) 8761 - 8771.
Fong, Kara D, Julian Self, Kyle M Diederichsen, Brandon M Wood, Bryan D McCloskey, and Kristin A Persson. "Ion Transport and the True Transference Number in Nonaqueous Polyelectrolyte Solutions for Lithium Ion Batteries." ACS Central Science (2019).
Kim, Hyo Won, Vanessa J Bukas, Hun Park, Sojung Park, Kyle M Diederichsen, Jinkyu Lim, Young Hoon Cho, Juyoung Kim, Wooyul Kim, Tae Hee Han, Johannes Voss, Alan C Luntz, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Mechanisms of Two-Electron and Four-Electron Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction Reactions at Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide." ACS Catalysis 10.1 (2020) 852 - 863.
Lee, Jinhyuk, Joseph K Papp, Raphaële J Clément, Shawn Sallis, Deok-Hwang Kwon, Tan Shi, Wanli Yang, Bryan D McCloskey, and Gerbrand Ceder. "Mitigating oxygen loss to improve the cycling performance of high capacity cation-disordered cathode materials." Nature Communications 8.1 (2017).
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Berlinger, Sarah A, Bryan D McCloskey, and Adam Z Weber. "Probing Ionomer Interactions with Electrocatalyst Particles in SolutionProbing Ionomer Interactions with Electrocatalyst Particles in Solution." ACS Energy Letters (2021) 2275 - 2282.