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Fang, Chen, Guangzhao Zhang, Jonathan Lau, and Gao Liu. "Recent advances in polysulfide mediation of lithium-sulfur batteries via facile cathode and electrolyte modification." APL Materials 7.8 (2019) 080902.
Shi, Xuemin, Cheng Sun, Zhonglin Bu, Xinyue Zhang, Yixuan Wu, Siqi Lin, Wen Li, Alireza Faghaninia, Anubhav Jain, and Yanzhong Pei. "Revelation of Inherently High Mobility Enables Mg 3Sb 2as a Sustainable Alternative to n‐Bi2 Te 3 Thermoelectrics." Advanced Science 6.16 (2019) 1802286.
Ganose, Alex, and Anubhav Jain. "Robocrystallographer: automated crystal structure text descriptions and analysisAbstract." MRS Communications 9.3 (2019) 874 - 881. Robocrystallographer, an open-source toolkit for analyzing crystal structures. This package combines new and existing open-source analysis tools to provide structural information, including the local coordination and polyhedral type, polyhedral connectivity, octahedral tilt angles, component-dimensionality, and molecule-within-crystal and fuzzy prototype identification. Using this information, robocrystallographer can generate text-based descriptions of crystal structures that resemble descriptions written by human crystallographers. The authors use robocrystallographer to investigate the dimensionalities of all compounds in the Materials Project database and highlight its potential in machine learning studies.
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