Laser Technologies

Laser Technologies

The Laser Technologies Group develops the next generation of innovative tools for analyzing the chemical makeup of advanced materials in real-time at extreme spatial and temporal scales.

Innovative Technologies for Advanced Chemical Analysis

We work at the interface between physics, chemistry and engineering to develop the next-generation of novel laser sensors for identifying the chemical makeup of materials in real-time. Applications include energy storage (batteries), energy conversion (solar), biology, environment and nuclear security.

Remote Isotope Sensing Setup


Our research focuses on the development of real-time spectroscopy tools based on the interaction of high-intensity ultrafast (femtosecond) and nanosecond laser pulses with materials. Specifically our research emphasizes the study, control and optimization of the mechanisms of pulsed laser ablation related to elemental, molecular and isotopic chemical analysis.  

The technologies we develop are  used to push the and sensitivity and limits of detection in a wide variety of real-world applications. For more information please click below.



Research Areas:Laser technologies Researcher in Lab

  • Fundamentals of laser-materials interactions
  • Innovative remote sensing 
  • Novel elemental and Isotopic analysis techniques
  • Multimodal imaging technologies
  • New laser sampling approaches 
  • Application-driven chemical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Photonic structure fabrication


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Team Members
Leader, Laser Technologies and Physicist Staff Scientist/Engineer
Chemist Research Scientist/Engineer
Physicist Research Scientist/Engineer
Senior Research Associate
Mechanical Faculty Scientist/Engineer
Principal Scientific Engineering Associate
Chemist Project Scientist/Engineer