Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy

The Thermal Energy group uses a nano-to-macro understanding of heat to improve energy technologies.

We are a science-to-systems lab conducting research in manipulating matter at nanoscale dimensions for novel applications in a multitude of thermal, solar, and electrochemical energy devices and systems. We combine theoretical, computational, and experimental techniques to understand energy conversion, storage, and transport. Through our research we strive to engineer phonon and photon transport for efficient energy conversion, manipulate entropy and enthalpy for thermochemical energy storage, as well as engineer interfaces for thermal and mechanical behavior in electrochemical devices.

Thermal Science Lead Scientists in Lab

Research AreasThermal Science Water-Energy Nexus Research

  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Conversion
  • ‚ÄčThermal Management of Batteries, Microelectronics and Buildings
  • Metamaterial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Science for Energy Efficiency
  • Manipulation of Solid-Liquid-Vapor Phase Change For Energy Application
  • Clean Water
  • Machine Learning for Material Designs

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