The Advantage of Highly Controlled Lighting for Offices and Commercial Buildings

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The paper presents results from pilot studies of new “workstation-specific” luminaires that are designed to provide highly, efficient, customized lighting for open-office cubicles. Workstation specific luminaires have the following characteristics: 1) they provide separate, dimming control of the cubicle’s “ambient” and “task” lighting components, 2) occupancy sensors and control photosensors are integrated into the fixture’s design and operation, 3) luminaires can be networked using physical cabling, microcontrollers and a PC running control software. The energy savings, demand response capabilities and quality of light from the two WS luminaires were evaluated and compared to the performance of a static, low-ambient lighting system that is uncontrolled. Initial results from weeks of operation provide strong indication that WS luminaires can largely eliminate the unnecessary lighting of unoccupied cubicles while providing IESNA-required light levels when the cubicles are occupied. Because each cubicle’s lighting is under occupant sensor control, the WS luminaires can capitalize on the fact cubicles are often unoccupied during normal working hours and reduce their energy use accordingly.


2008 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, August 17-22, 2008

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